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Our Business Analysis services are far and wide reaching. Whether you are looking within your organisation to better understand sales or costs to identify weaknesses and opportunities to enhance your profitability or you are looking at making investment decisions and would like to better understand the drivers and dynamics of various options then you can be confident of receiving the relevant management information to make the right decisions.

Our services also include Business Valuations, Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting among other activities within this domain.

The better we humans understand the internals of our bodies, the healthier we can live. Likewise for your business, the better you understand it, the better the decisions you can make to drive it forward. It’s not rocket science!

Investment appraisal should not be confined to financial appraisal alone and must take place within the overall strategy of a business. Decisions concerning capital expenditure, coupled with strategic planning, marketing and organisational design are frequently critical in determining future success.

An investment appraisal can cover numerous areas including ascertaining whether the investment fits the strategy, a specific process for an appraisal, the content of an appraisal, acquisitions, presentations, implementation control, post appraisal audit and current issues.

Enough of the technical talk! We are here to do this complex stuff for you so you can focus your energy on what you do best – managing your organisation.

All too often there will be an accountant lecturing away about the best way to run your business. We admit, we love talking business! The difference with us at Affirm Accountants is that we have and continue to run businesses.

We fully understand the living drivers, dynamics, limitations…(and the list goes on!) of running a business. We will have real conversations with you as we will not only understand the theory behind your business but also the practical side. The proof is in the pudding….could another accountant have written this any better?!!!

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What We Do

We pride ourselves on the quality and high level of professionalism we provide to our clients.  Our greatest asset is not that we are qualified accountants with decades of accounting experience. 

We have and continue to run businesses in various fields and as such we full well understand the practical side, the constraints and challenges of running and managing a successful business, not merely just the theoritical side of in the finance function.

What People Say About Us

On behalf of my companies have employed the services of Khalid for over 10 years and have found him to be professional and capable.  Reports and information are delivered on time and in the format required and above all, they are accurate”.
Ian Ferguson
Chairman (The Keen Group)
What I have found most pleasing in our relationship, is your constant effort of offering me the opportunity to save time and money. Also you are always happy to assist when I have a problem or need assistance.
I feel very comfortable when dealing with you and see our relationship widening as my business grows.
V Karia
Director (Kemberley Residential Homes Limited)
Being our advisors in the UK, Khalid has always guided us in progressing our operations. Honest and reliable, I would always recommend him.
Reza Moghadam
CEO (Albert Beck GMBH)

The Clients We Work For